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Small Universe Qigong - January 2023

Online qigong instructor program. Go deep into your practice and understanding of your energy systems, and gain the knowledge and confidence to teach,

Course Summary

In depth instruction in the over 50 moving qigong exercises included in the Waking the Qi, Twelve Rivers Qigong, Between Heaven and Earth, and Enter The Flow practices. Powerful breathing exercises to develop a complete natural breath. Qigong Meditation to strengthen your mind body connection. Introduction to Zhan Zhuang standing qigong practice. And guidance and mentoring in developing as a qigong instructor.  Course starts 28th August 2022.

Course Curriculum

John Munro

John Munro is the founder of Long White Cloud Qigong, which currently has a network of over 350 instructors around the world. He brings more than 20 years experience of Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Kung Fu to his teachings. His passion is to bring traditional practices to life so that they are understandable and relevant when applied to modern living. He has previously served in a number of key roles as Vice President, Secretary, and Registrar of the New Zealand Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, and as Chair of Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand. 

As well as offering qigong training online, John often travels to deliver retreats and workshops around the world. 

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